First Saturday Community Feeding and Outreach
The First Saturday Community Feeding and Outreach program is designed to share the love and blessings of God by feeding those in need with a nourishing meal and enhancing the fellowship of the church by assisting with food service. In addition, ministry volunteers witness to the surrounding community with messages of faith, hope, and love.

Men and Women on Mission
The Men and Women on Mission is an organization established to provide support, spiritually, physically, socially, and economically through local mission work projects in Los Angeles and the surrounding vicinities. Some of the following projects have been initiated and/or supported by the work of the missions:

• A community evangelistic ministry entitled “Operation STITCHES (Saving the Inner City through Christ Hope and Eternal Salvation) that ministers weekly to neighborhood children at the Magic Johnson Recreation Park and the Imperial Courts Housing Development. Activities include but are not limited to: teaching children about good behavior and how to live a Christ centered life through bible stories, music, dance and media.

• A free bi-yearly clothing give-a-way for community members,

• An annual thanksgiving food baskets give-a-way to over 50 marginalized families


Pastor Lonnie Dawson Home for Children
In 2011, Pastor Sonja R. Dawson and New Mt. Calvary Church Family partnered with Rev. and Dr. Carol Broadfoot and the Love and Light Mission to build a home for 17 orphaned children in Haiti. Currently, in its last phase of development, the Lonnie Dawson Home for Children has several rooms, classrooms, kitchen, and food pantry to support the spiritual, physical, and social growth of its children. To support this work, pleaseclick here.
All donations are tax-deductible.

Pathlight International
We are proud partners of Pathlight International, a Christian international mission’s organization providing social and academic support to marginalized children in the country of Belize. Through the Pathlight Sponsorship program, we are pleased two provide two scholarships that includes mentoring, tutoring, full financial support, academic and personal counseling, and spiritual discipleship. We are committed to the work of Pathlight International and invite you to share in this journey with us. To support this work, pleaseclick here.
All donations are tax-deductible.

For more information about Pathlight International, please visit http://pathlight.org/